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Welcome to Drift.....

Join me at my new independent venture set in my hometown of Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire.

Unwind & drift away in a cool, calm relaxed setting.

Offering a personal one to one experience using premium brands, to give you the highest standard of beauty treatment with 30 years of expertise.

Liz x



Founded in 1920 by Nadia Payot, the brand supports women from one generation to the next, at every stage of their lives.

Based on the latest scientific research and innovative formulas as well as paying attention to sensory experiences. It offers a unique combination of  professional salon treatments, and skincare products that reveal the beauty of every women.


Bio Sculpture, Evo Gel and Gemini Nail Polish, the professionals choice for gel hands & feet.

Bespoke treatments to help the natural nail stay healthy.

Lasts 2-3 weeks with a high gloss shine.

100% vegan gels

Cruelty free


Elim is a medical grade pedicure which uses state-of-the-art ingredients to remove hard skin and calluses from the feet.

Products including Callus Tonic, Neutraliser, AHA Exfoliant and Purifying Clay Mask turn your traditional pedicure into the equivalant of a specialist facial for your feet.


Using only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils, Lycon delivers superior performance, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm.

Lycon's  low temperature, super pliable and gentle waxes, provide a skin conditioning treatment with maximum client comfort, even on the most sensitive skins.

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